Postcard Collecting: A Hobby

A sampling of artist-signed and topical postcards from 1898 to the present, with an emphasis on children's themes
and fantasy subjects

Postcard Collecting: A Hobby

Postcard addressed to Skegness, England, 1912


About Me or How I Started Collecting Postcards

About thirty years ago, I purchased from a newsstand several of Green Tiger Press' reproduction greeting cards with art deco and fairy illustrations by Kay Nielsen, Arthur Rackham, and Edward Dulac. These cards were my introduction to artists from the golden age of illustration. Then fifteen years ago, I wandered into an antiquarian bookshop and was shown a Gwynedd Hudson illustrated copy of Alice in Wonderland. The asking price was far beyond what I'd ever imagined paying for a book; however over the next year or two, I found myself first noticing and then seeking out antiquarian children's books. I collected children's books (mostly those containing fairy or art deco illustrations) for about ten years. My book collecting led me to eBay where I met a postcard collector and seller who sold me my first antiquarian postcard ("Wee Sick Goblin" by the fairy artist Ida Outhwaite). Thereafter, my collecting interest gradually shifted from books to postcards. I found postcards to be less prone to foxing and bugs - plus they take up less room. My reference library includes a number of books pertaining to children's literature and I've recently begun reading fairy tale anthologies, fantasy, and myth-based fairy literature to supplement my collecting interest.

Postcards are available from many sites on the web including eBay. I highly recommend anyone remotely interested in postcards or graphic design attend an Antiquarian Postcard Fair. Fairs are held several times a year in cities across the U.S. and Europe. Postcard clubs are also good for learning about postcards and sharing the hobby with others. The San Francisco Bay Area Post Card Club is a excellent example in the U.S.

I hope you enjoyed purusing my website as much as I enjoyed putting it together. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.